Waste disposal

Waste of electrical and electronic equipment.
As known, the EC's WEEE regulation was acknowledged with Legislative Decree no. 151 of 25 July 2005, and boasts the goal to stimulate the re-use, recycling, and other forms of recovery of used materials and components, and to improve the environmental performance of all operators (producers, traders, treatment systems) involved in the products’ life cycle; this regulation is applied in combination with Rohs regulation that promotes the reduction of some dangerous substances in the production of electrical and electronic equipment – EEE; 

The application field of WEEE regulation, which is binding since 13 August 2006, refers to the production of:

  • devices that rely on electric currents or electromagnetic fields for proper operation;
  • generators, transfer and measurement equipment of electromagnetic fields and electric currents, designed to be used with a voltage not exceeding 1000 Volt in alternating current and 1500 Volt in direct current.

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