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GTM concurs, with other operators of this sector present on the entire national territory (140 merchants), for the construction of the S.p.A. M.C. Elettrici

M.C. Elettrici is in Rozzano (MI) via Stroboli, 30 with a warehouse of twenty-thousand square meters managed with completely computerised radiofrequency identification technologies; where particular importance has also been given to the distribution phase of the product. From this new structure the GTM began to draw and distribute most civil electrical installation products, lightning, low tension cables, etc…, with the most representative brands in this sector, obtaining satisfying results for their targets. In the new millennium GTM presents itself with a new garment, dynamic and complete, capable of satisfying any type of request regarding the field of electricity and particularly automation. Among GTM’s main guides technically prepared personnel has always been kept in consideration, and constantly updated in a sector that is in continuous evolution; for this reason much importance has been given to training courses on new technologies and training at work. Meeting are organized between the producers and clients to maintain a constant update on novelties.

Our growth in all of these years has also been determined by the investments made by our partners, clients and suppliers, through a direct connection ready for solutions that are always vanguard. What differentiates us from large distributions is the care with which we use our knowledge and energy to satisfy the most unthinkable needs, the dynamicity in product research appropriate  to the most varied applications, blending ourselves with the clients’ problems, to lighten their task in research, offering  product choices and vanguard technological solutions.

Our operative sectors

Civil and industrial electric material supplies,
Instrumentation, measures, anti-intrusion
Regulation control, electric gates...


Quality Management System

Energy Audit

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